8 Masks (And Other PPE) Made In The USA

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It is no secret that China is currently holding most of the global mask supply. With the ongoing pandemic and its end nowhere in sight, the Chinese masks have more than ever taken over the global market and demand. Some Chinese manufacturers and suppliers are legit and approved by the American government and agencies. But, what about the rest? The majority of imported masks are either fake or have a vague origin, and almost no certification.

That is why many are turning to US-manufactured masks and personal protective equipment. So, if you’re looking to buy made-in-USA face masks and other protective equipment, look no further. We’ve gathered the best American brands and their equipment offer in one place. So let’s get started!

Buying American-Made Masks And PPE: Buyer’s Guide

How To Know If A Mask Is Made in The USA?

It is essential to know that only 5% of all medical face masks and Personal Protective Equipment is made domestically, in the USA. However, this doesn’t imply that you cannot easily buy American-made face masks and PPE. But, how can you know for sure that a face mask is American-made? Here are some tell-tale signs;

  • 3M masks are always American-made since 3M company is an American corporation in the fields of US health care, worker safety, and consumer goods.
  • The brand or the company emphasizes to be American and provides suitable evidence of their American production and location within the USA.
  • The brand provides NIOSH-certified and FDA-approved masks and protective equipment.
  • The company or brand are verified as American bran on the FDA Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturers And Importers List.
  • The brand provides masks and medical equipment according to the American standards and certifications, as well as according to the CDC and the WHO guidelines.
  • The brand or the company has verified retailer licenses and certification to ensure they are a legitimate seller of American-made PPE products.

Where Can I Buy American-Made Face Masks And PPE?

When it comes to face masks, medical or non-medical, as well as other protective equipment, we recommend the following sellers and brands who provide 100% US-manufactured products (among the others on the main list);

  • Clinical Supplies – here you can buy American-made 3M N95 masks and other US-manufactured PPE.
  • Protectly – here you can buy American-made N95, surgical and medical-grade face masks.
  • DreamHug – here you can buy American-made 3-ply face masks, face shields, PPE, and even UV phone sanitizers.
  • LuoshUSA – here you can buy American-made 3-ply face masks.

Are American-Made Masks And PPE More Expensive?

Short answer; yes, US-manufactured Personal protective Equipment is more expensive than the imported PPE. The reason for this lies in domestic manufacturing costs, higher quality of production and materials, higher-paying employee practices, proper certification and testing costs, etc.

However, many of the USA companies tend to sell PPE for a higher cost and then turn their profits to charity and donation in the areas of the country where people require shelter, food, or protective equipment. So, by buying American-made protective equipment, you’re not only paying more; you’re getting a better, certified, and tested product, and you’re indirectly donating to a good cause.

Why Should You Buy American-Made Masks And PPE?

By buying US-manufactured masks and PPE during the ongoing pandemic, you can expect the following benefits;

  • Boosting the domestic economy and helping out domestic companies and businesses, especially the smaller or local ones.
  • Avoid scammers and fake Chinese masks or PPE suppliers.
  • Expect high-quality materials and proper filtration efficiency, in line with CDC, FDA, WHO, and NIOSH guidelines.
  • Expect not to ‘buy blind’ or too much risk in regard to performance and security of the face mask or piece of protective equipment.
  • Expect a certified, approved, and standardized product.
  • Expect proper, fast, and often free shipping across the country.

8 Best USA Face Mask And PPE Brands And Products

1. Clinical Supplies – Made In USA N95 Masks

Clinical Supplies - Made In USA N95 Masks
Image Source: clinicalsuppliesusa.com

Clinical Supplies has the mission of keeping Americans safe with American-made 3M N95 masks and a range of personal protective equipment offer. Over 45,000+ customers have put their trust in the Clinical Supplies to provide them with proper, certified, and standardized protection, especially when it comes to those most vulnerable, like our elderly, children, and sick. So, if you’re looking to buy proper and authentic American-made, NIOSH N95 masks, then look no further than Clinical Supplies.

Aside from American-made N95 masks, at Clinical Supplies, you can purchase American-made kids masks, regular 3M masks, Personal Protective Equipment, and much more. You can even make a wholesale order or buy smaller, more convenient family packs.

Note: Another great place to get N95 masks is WellBefore

2. Protectly Made In USA Masks

Protectly Made In USA Masks
Image Source: protectly.co

Protectly is an American firm started in Portland, OR. The firm is specialized in providing high-quality and reliable Personal Protective Equipment, that is FDA-registered and NIOSH-certified. The same applies to the mask offers. At Protectly, you can buy;

  • American-made N95 respirator masks
  • American-made KN95 respirator masks
  • US-Made surgical face masks
  • Moldex NIOSH Premium respirator masks with a valve
  • Regular 3M NIOSH N95 masks, etc.

Regardless of which product you go for, you can be sure it is US-manufactured and will be delivered across the country. At The protectly PPE shop, you can further shop for protective gloves, goggles, anti-bacterial wipes, 3-ply medical face masks, face shields, respirator kit, non-contact medical infrared thermometer, etc. All products are made in the USA; manufactured and delivered.

3. LuoshUSA Made In USA Face Masks

LuoshUSA Made In USA Face Masks
Image Source: luoshusa.com

The LuoshUSA face masks are not only made in the USA, but they’re also made from materials sourced from US manufacturers; the materials this company uses to make their face masks are NOT imported. The LuoshUSA masks are uniquely white and have an effective hydrophobic top and bottom layer for the ultimate protection and filtration efficiency. The masks have a 3-ply design and are made from American-made melt-blown filter material.

LuoshUSA offers a singular pack containing 50 masks, of 50 wholesale packs of 3-ply masks, and both are currently on sale (at the time of this article writing). LuoshUSA is also currently selling only American-made face masks for adults, and no other personal protective equipment.

4. American Mask Project Kids’ Masks

American Mask Project Kids' Masks
Image Source: americanmaskproject.com

If you want to provide proper protection for your kids as well, we recommend you check out the all-American brand American Mask Project. The brand objective is to provide non-medical grade face masks for everyone in need. Even though they create face masks for adults, their kids’ collection is all the buzz right now. The masks are made by fabric manufacturers in Los Angeles, and because the fabrics are high-quality, the masks are soft, comfortable and will snuggle around the face without putting pressure or leaving marks.

5. DreamHug Made In USA Surgical Masks

DreamHug Made In USA Surgical Masks
Image Source: dreamhug.com

It always seems that every surgical mask we buy is made in China, and the truth is, the majority of the masks are imported from China. However, DreamHug is an American company manufacturing surgical masks that are actually made in the USA (and they also ship from the USA). Because these masks are made according to the strict American standards, they’re all high-quality and have a filtration efficiency of more or less 98%, which is exceptional. The masks have a 3-ply design and are made for daily use, or use at work, for pet grooming, at the kitchen, for traveling, or any other application. At DreamHug, you can buy other types of PPE, like;

  • American-made KN95 protective face masks
  • Made In USA Kenmore face shields
  • American-made 3-ply face masks
  • Reusable and washable KN95 masks
  • American-made UV phone sanitizers
  • Children face masks (imported!)

All of the aforementioned products are currently on sale (at the time of the article writing)!

Note: By buying DreamHug surgical masks, you are contributing to a good cause. Namely, the company uses its profit to pay the employees and use the rest to donate to homeless shelters in the South Florida area. The company also donates their masks to those in need and provides free shipping of the masks across the country.

6. Brian The Pekingese US-Made Adult and Kids’ Masks

Brian The Pekingese US-Made Adult and Kids' Masks
Image Source: brianthepekingese.com

If you’re looking to support a smaller, local business by buying their products, we recommend you check out the Brian The Pekingese company. This company is California located and creates masks made from all-American materials, finishing them in their Los Angeles factory. Their masks (except the kids’ printed masks) are made from 100% organic cotton and are safe for both adults and especially kids. However, they are not made for children under the age of 2, per CDC guidelines. The masks are also not intended for medical or hospital use, rather for daily use (children are safe to wear them to school, for example).

7. Purple Face Mask

Purple Face Mask
Image Source: purple.com

Do you know the famous Purple mattress? If not, Purple is a mattress producing company that creates high-quality mattresses and bedding products. However, they’ve also entered the mask producing business with the increase in demand for high-quality, American-made masks and PPE. Their masks are the only ones made with the Comfort Gel band and feature a triple-layered breathable fabric. Purple provides face masks for children as well as adults and offers a variety of sizes.

Purple took their expertise in mattresses and pillows and made incredible functional and comfortable masks that are in line with all the CDC recommendations. The masks are, furthermore, reusable and hand washable, and of course, made in the USA. We genuinely recommend you check their masks out, especially if you or your child have issues with breathing through the mask.

8. Cufy Made in USA N95 Masks

Cufy Made in USA N95 Masks
Image Source: cufy.com

Even though Cufy is known to sell imported masks and PPE, they also sell American-made N95 masks and other protective equipment. One of their best and most in-demand offers are the 3M N95 masks, which are NIOSH approved. These masks are currently on sale for regular or wholesale purchases. Furthermore, at Cufy you can also find;

  • American-made disposable valve respirators
  • KN95 masks (shipped from the USA, but imported)
  • 3-ply disposable face masks (shipped from the USA, but imported)

Cufy emphasizes on their site which masks are US-manufactured and imported and shipped from the USA or California. They also emphasize which masks are NIOSH- or FDA-approved, so that you can make a better purchasing decision in line with your expectations. Overall, you can be sure that their N95 masks are US-manufactured, made from high-quality materials, and designed to have exceptional filtering efficiency, all according to the CDC and the WHO.

Final Thoughts

This was our list of the best American-made protective equipment and USA PPE companies/brands you can rely on for high-quality, domestic products. For more information about their offer, make sure to visit each company’s designated website and see which of their other products fit your requirements and needs.

Hopefully, these masks and equipment will help you, your family, friends and your children stay protected and secure during the ongoing pandemic and other health-compromising events (like wildfires and pollution). Alongside mask-wearing, remember to wash your hands regularly, sanitize your hands and the gadgets you use daily, and of course, practice social and physical distancing.

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