8 Medical Face Masks For Sale (#1 Is The Cheapest)

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As the end of the year is around the corner, but the end of the pandemic is nowhere in sight, millions of people around the world still depend on medical face masks for protection. From health care providers, medical staff, first responders, and essential workers, to the general public and children, everyone is required to wear medical face masks, indoors and outdoors.

Such a practice, lasting several months now, has created an incredible demand for face masks around the world. However, such a demand has increased the cost of personal protective equipment as well, making it impossible for people to regularly dispose of and buy new masks. Luckily, numerous companies have started sales of their medical face masks, so that people can buy bundles and pay almost half the original price.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll provide you with some of the companies and brands that currently have sales of their medical face masks. The sales were ongoing at the time this article was being created, so make sure to bear that in mind.

Buying Medical Face Masks On Sale:  Buyer’s Guide

What To Look For When Buying Medical Face Masks Online?

When buying medical or surgical masks online (especially when they’re on sale and cheap), make sure to look for the following features;

  • FDA-regulation and filtration test reports, as well as standard regulations – this is essential to know whether the masks are for medical application, whether they have proper filtration efficiency, and whether they’re made according to Chinese and/or American standards. If you’re buying medical masks from Europe, they’ll have CE certification markings for the European Economic Area.
  • The number of layers – proper protection with medical face masks begins with 3 protective layers. This is the number of layers needed to provide proper filtration efficiency against aerosols, sprays, liquid, viruses and bacteria, pollution, dirt, etc.
  • Material – the masks should be made from non-woven fabric via the melt-blowing process. They should contain a hydrophobic outer layer for maximum protection against moisture, liquids, and aerosol droplets.
  • Filtration efficiency – facial masks on their own do have a certain filtration efficiency. However, high-quality and properly-made medical masks need to have Bacterial/Viral Filtration Efficiency of 95% and higher. Only with such filtration efficiency can you expect protection from viruses like COVID-19.
  • Labeling – to avoid purchasing fake and uncertified medical masks, make sure to check the labeling. The labeling should accurately describe the mask as surgical/medical, have a body contacting materials list, filtration efficiency, potential uses, and applications.
Layered medical mask with 3 protective layers
Image Source: Masks For Heroes

What Kind Of Masks Or Brands Should You Avoid?

When buying face masks online, you’re going to come across numerous fake websites and mask providers. To avoid buying fake masks, or paying to a non-existing manufacturer and provider, make sure to avoid the following types of masks and brands;

  • Undefined source – if a brand claims their masks come from ‘reputable sources’ without naming the exact source, make sure to avoid buying anything from them. Chances are their source is far from reputable and they’re selling fake equipment.
  • FDA certification – even though medical or surgical masks are FDA-regulated masks, under 21 CFR 878.4040, the FDA does NOT issue any type of certification to show a manufacturer is compliant with the FDA requirements. So, if you come across a brand that claims to have FDA certification, chances are you’ve come across a scam.
  • Vague mask description – if the mask is described vaguely as only a surgical/medical mask, then move on. A proper surgical or medical face mask needs to have detailed labeling and description of the product, body contacting materials, potential use and application, infection prevention efficiency, etc.
  • Fake Chinese suppliers – there are many proper Chinese face mask suppliers that operate in accordance with the Chinese GB/T 32610 standard (this is a standard which has been reached in an agreement between the US and China in regards to medical, disposable face masks quality). However, there are a lot of fake Chinese suppliers, which you won’t find on the FDA Personal protective Equipment Manufacturers/Importers List.

8 Medical Face Masks For Sale

1. SQ Medical Supplies

SQ Medical Supplies
Know More Details on sqmedicalsupplies.com

Currently On Sale;

  • Single box (50 pieces) – $9.99 instead of $39.99
  • 3 boxes (150 pieces) – $23.98 instead of $107.99
  • Carton of 70 boxes (3500 pieces) – $419.58 instead of $1959.99

At SQ Medical Supplies you can buy medical face masks with 3 layers (3-ply mask design) enhanced breathability and complete wearing comfort. The masks meet FDA standards and are medical, surgical, or procedural masks. They’re also not made with natural rubber latex. At the company site, you can check for certification and test results or reports (breathability and efficiency reports, as well as particle filtration test reports). The masks are high-quality and provide exceptional filtration efficiency, both outdoors and indoors. The masks are made in China.

2. Rainier Medical Face Mask

Rainier Medical Face Mask
Know More Details on Walmart

Currently On Sale;

  • 3000 pieces of face masks – $299.99 instead of $1500.00

The Rainier disposable face masks are currently available for sale at Walmart. It will take them up to 7 days to be delivered at your door, and the shipping is free in the USA. The masks themselves are designed to have 3 protective layers. They are also very comfortable and breathable, and they are made for general use or the general public. So, when buying these masks you’re not taking necessary equipment from the health care providers. The masks arrive in packs of 10 disposable masks or 300 packs in total. They are environmentally friendly, and made from non-toxic materials. The masks are made in China.

3. Necano Disposable Earloop Face Masks

Necano Disposable Earloop Face Masks
Know More Details on Walmart

Currently On Sale;

  • 50 pieces of face masks – $22.99 instead of $69.99

The Necano disposable earloop face masks are currently available at Walmart. It should take them up to 5 days to be delivered at your door, considering the current COVID shipping situation. The shipping is also free in the USA. Regarding the masks themselves, they’re designed to have 3 protective layers and to provide easy breathability to the users. They fit very comfortably and don’t put any pressure on the sensitive facial skin. The masks are made from skin-friendly materials as well and have undergone a high-quality manufacturing process. With these masks, you can expect high protection and exceptional wearing comfort. The masks are made in China.

4. Cov Care Surgical Or Medical Face Masks

Cov Care Surgical Or Medical Face Masks
Know More Detail on cov.care

Currently On Sale;

  • Pack of 250 surgical face masks – from $144.99
  • Pack of 500 surgical face masks – from $274.99
  • Pack of 1000 surgical face masks – from $499.99
  • Pack of 2500 surgical face masks – from $1199,00

Note: The packs of 10,000, 25,000, and 50,000 surgical face masks are also currently on sale. All of the masks provide Level 2 protection, which means they provide moderate barrier protection for moderate exposure to sprays, fluids, and aerosols.

Cov Care is a well-known provider of medical protective equipment. During the ongoing pandemic, they’ve had dozens of incredible sales of their FDA-approved medical surgical masks. Their masks are the highest quality 3-ply surgical mask, which comes at the best pricing even when not on sale. The masks are soft-lined, water-resistant, and made from non-woven material. They feature standard earloops and have a soft and flexible nose bridge. Cov Care is currently holding a sale on their other medical protective equipment as well, so make sure to check it out if you’re in need of other types of masks, goggles, disposable gowns, etc. The masks are made in China.

5. Cufy Disposable Face Masks

Cufy Disposable Face Masks
Know More Details on Cufy

Currently On Sale;

  • 1 box of 50 pieces – $9.50 instead of $69.99
  • 2 boxes of 100 masks – $19.00 instead of $129.99

Note: other face masks offered on Cufy are also on sale, not just medical face masks. Make sure to check their offer, especially if you’re looking to buy children’s protective masks. Cufy has the best offer, quality, and range of children masks currently on the market, and they’re also on sale (from 10 to 50 pieces).

The Cufy medical face masks are designed with the coronavirus pandemic in mind. They feature a 3-ply design and highly effective filtration. They are created also to be incredibly comfortable, even for long-term wear or use, throughout the day. The masks have enhanced breathability and a particularly lightweight design. They won’t leave marks or cause redness or rashes, and they will fit well on the face, and especially around the nose. The masks are made in China.

6. ANNOR Disposable Face Masks

ANNOR Disposable Face Masks
Know More Details on Amazon

ANNOR is currently the best seller on Amazon when it comes to disposable face masks and equipment. The masks have a 3-ply design and are structured to fit the face snuggly and comfortably. They also feature a standard adjustable nose clip, comfortable earloops, and waterproof materials. The ANNOR masks arrive packed in a sealed bag to avoid secondary pollution during transportation. These masks have undergone quality-control or quality-inspection processes and are made in accordance with the Chinese GB/T 32610 standard (this is a standard which has been reached in an agreement between the US and China in regards to medical, disposable face masks quality). The mask is, to reiterate, made in China.

7. LuoshUSA

Know More Details on Amazon

If you’re looking to buy medical face masks on sale, but you’d rather use American-made masks, then make sure to check out LuoshUSA. They provide high-quality, US-manufactured (not imported) medical face masks. The masks are outstanding; they have a 3-ply design, superior breathability, and a hydrophobic outer layer for maximum protection against aerosols. The masks also feature 98% American-made melt-blown filter material, so you can expect the highest filtration efficiency with the LuoshUSA masks. The masks are made for the general public use, and not medical/clinical use. This way you can rest assured that there will be enough surgical and medical masks for the health care providers across the country.

8. DreamHug Face Masks

DreamHug Face Masks
Know More Details on Dreamhug

Currently On Sale;

  • 1 Box Of 50 American made face masks – $39.99 instead of $79.99

Another brand that provides US-manufactured medical face masks is DreamHug. The masks are made in the USA and shipped from the USA. Also, the company is making very little profit on the sale of these masks; they mainly donate their profit to homeless shelters in the South Florida area. So, by buying their masks, you won’t only be protected, but also help out a good cause.

When it comes to the masks themselves, you can expect a high-quality, 3-ply design. The masks feature non-woven fabric and are moisture-proof. They are also highly comfortable and made to fit every face without causing redness, rashes, and discomfort. The masks are made for the daily use of the general public in terms of protection against viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, smoke, and air pollution.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our list will enable you to purchase enough protective medical masks for yourself, your family, and friends. However, you need to remember that medical masks alone won’t provide full protection against the COVID-19. You still need to practice social and physical distancing, and of course, frequent and proper handwashing and/or disinfection.

But, wearing proper protective equipment will provide certain security, so make sure to follow the CDC and the WHO recommendations, and wear your face mask.

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