A grassroots movement to thank our front line workers.


It’s simple, costs nothing and can be done without leaving your home.

Simply tie a ribbon -- any ribbon of any color -- on or near your home.


A tree, bush, front door, mailbox, balcony, garage door… anywhere that it can be seen.


Show the front line workers in your neighborhood how much we appreciate them.


Here are some photos from our Masks For Heroes’ team members' homes:



It’s simple!

Tie your ribbon and take a picture!

Post to social media and tag us: #TieAnyRibbon and/or @MasksForHeroes and #MasksForHeroes


Encourage your friends, family and neighbors to tie a ribbon on their home as well.


Social media is a great way to spread the word. We have drafted a sample script you can post to Facebook or NextDoor, or speak from your heart.

“Join me in thanking our front line workers! I joined the #TieAnyRibbon movement and tied a ribbon/bow to the front of my house to show front line workers my thanks and support. It’s simple… find anything you already have in your house, such as gift ribbon or even a towel if that’s all you have, and tie it somewhere visible on your home. A tree, balcony, mailbox. 


Choose any color so we can make a rainbow of thanks for everyone working the front lines. Be sure to share your photos on social media and use the hashtag #TieAnyRibbon!”


You can also download one of these images below to share on Facebook, Instagram, NextDoor or any other social media platform.


Over the years “Awareness Ribbons” have become a way to show support or raise awareness for a particular cause, with a color assigned to each. Pink for breast cancer. Red for HIV/AIDS. Yellow for childhood cancer. 

However by 2020, each color now represents multiple causes as multiple groups have adopted the same color for different missions.


Currently, there are no unclaimed colors.

Masks For Heroes strongly encourages the practice of shelter in place, and we do not want people leaving their homes in search of a ribbon or fabric in a particular color. 

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DISCLAIMER: The aim of this website is to connect medical staff in need of personal protective equipment (“PPE”) with the general public or government agencies who can provide these items. We do not stock nor do we have access to any PPE of any kind. We do not verify or check the quality of the PPE because it is sent directly from the general public to the requesting medical provider. We do not accept any monetary donations.