Other Ways

to Help

We realize not everyone can make hand made masks, or has PPE to donate.


But there are many other ways you can help!

Call Congress

Contact your U.S. Senators and House member and urge them to exhaust every option available to both increase PPE production, and prioritize distribution to our health care workers and other frontline providers.


To call Congress, use our COVID-19 national hotline:


→ Dial (202) 335 - 6015 ←


You can speak from the heart or use this sample script when you call:


“Hi, my name is ______ and I’m a constituent of yours calling from (city/town). I’m calling to ask my representative to please demand that H.R. 6139, the COVID-19 Worker Protection Act of 2020, be included in the next COVID-19 omnibus bill and vote YES on the House floor. It is crucial that we take action to protect frontline health care workers, patients, and the public during this COVID-19 crisis. This bill would direct OSHA to enact an Emergency Temporary Standard so that frontline nurses and other health care workers have the personal protective equipment they need to care for their patients during this pandemic. If nurses become infected they won’t be there when you and your loved ones need them. Thank you.”

Encourage Your Friends & Family to Help

Every day we hear from someone who tells us, “I didn’t realize I had masks in my attic,” or “I didn’t know facilities were accepting handmade masks.” Some people have supplies but don’t know what to do with them — or, can sew but are in need of supplies. Help us spread the word and raise awareness.


We’ve created some simple images to share on your Facebook, NextDoor or Instagram pages that you can download below.












Or, you can use some or all of these sample scripts:


“Join me in helping deliver PPE to our health care workers on the front line. Check your garage, attic and closets for any unused N95 masks you may have forgotten about. Can you sew? There is a need for hand made masks as well. Visit Masks for Heroes at www.MasksForHeroes.com to learn more. The site includes sewing tutorials and patterns for masks and a map of facilities in urgent need of donations. Thank you!”


“Looking to sew masks but need supplies? Or do you have fabric to donate? Let me know, I’m happy to pick-up and drop-off as needed!”

Contact Your Local Media

Have you — or the group to which you belong — been making masks? Your local media will want to know!


To begin, you’ll need to identify which local media outlets you want to target. Newspapers, local news stations and community papers make a perfect fit for this type of story. Or, perhaps you know someone who is a journalist and interested in this story. 


Next, you’ll need to identify which contact to pitch. Your best contact will typically be someone who covers local heroes and kindness in your community. To find the person, you can look online for a list of contacts, or review recent issues to look for similar news stories. Many times local contacts have their email or social media accounts listed in their byline or bio on the publication's website. If you cannot find the contact information that way, you can always call the media outlet, most major ones are still open and fielding phone calls (newspapers and television stations) to find contact information. Another option is to email the main email address listed on websites. 


If all else fails, email us here and we can help you find a media contact in your area. 


Here’s a sample pitch letter, feel free to use any of all of this, coupled with your personal story.



Dear __________________,


Local volunteers in our community of ____________ are working to sew hand made masks to help with our nation’s shortage of PPE for health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, we’ve already sewn ________ masks!


We are a group of _______ people sewing masks, which we send to medical facilities who submit requests to the Masks For Heroes website (www.MasksForHeroes.com). The site also includes sewing tutorials and patterns.


We would love to share our story to encourage others to find a way to help. We can provide you with quotes, photos or any other information you need.


Thank you for your time and energy.





Cover Your Face — For A Cause

We all need to do our part to help flatten the curve, which means covering your face when out in public. However, we shouldn’t be using N95s or medical grade masks — please save those for health care workers!


Instead, the CDC recommends cloth masks and fabric face coverings. Many people are sewing masks for health care workers right now. However, instead of asking a friend or neighbor to make you one, we encourage letting those masks be saved for those on the front line. 


Many companies are making and selling hand sewn masks for a cause, meaning all proceeds from the sale of masks will be used to make more masks for front line health care workers.


Click here to learn about masks you can purchase that also give back.

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DISCLAIMER: The aim of this website is to connect medical staff in need of personal protective equipment (“PPE”) with the general public or government agencies who can provide these items. We do not stock nor do we have access to any PPE of any kind. We do not verify or check the quality of the PPE because it is sent directly from the general public to the requesting medical provider. We do not accept any monetary donations.