Hand-Sewn Masks

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We are facing a serious PPE crisis. Our healthcare professionals are working without proper protective equipment. Faced with a severe shortage of surgical masks and N95 respirators, hospitals and nursing homes are using hand sewn masks. We have complied suggested resources, click on one of the options below for specific patterns, tutorials and more information.

  • Pleats

  • Filter Pocket

  • Flexible Nose

  • Fitted Mask

  • Multiple Patterns

  • Filter Pocket

Craft Passion.PNG
  • Created by Anesthesiologists

  • Pleated and Fitted

  • Ties

  • Hand Sewn

  • DIY


Fabric Choice Matters

While research is continually evolving, a recent study completed by Smart Air highlights some of the best fabrics to use based on filtration and ability to breathe through the mask. 


Scroll through the photos to see some of the information and check out the full report here.

Other Mask Making Tutorials

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DISCLAIMER: The aim of this website is to connect medical staff in need of personal protective equipment (“PPE”) with the general public or government agencies who can provide these items. We do not stock nor do we have access to any PPE of any kind. We do not verify or check the quality of the PPE because it is sent directly from the general public to the requesting medical provider. We do not accept any monetary donations.

Fabric Test

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