Face Brackets For Masks: Are They Tested And Approved?

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With a growing number of people reporting skin irritation, breakout, and breathing difficulties caused by the continuous use of face masks, there seems to be a solution on the rise.

A new trend, only a few days old, has hit the global headlines under the name ‘face mask brackets’. No one has heard of these brackets before, so, one can only observe and wonder what these things are. Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore, because we’ve got you covered. In the following paragraphs, we’ll take a look at what face mask brackets are and whether they’re safe for you. So, let’s get started!

Face Brackets For Masks: 7 Things To Know

1. What Are Face Mask Brackets?

what is a Face Mask Brackets
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Also known as mask braces, face mask brackets are bendable, silicone plastic frames designed to keep the mask from touching and irritating your face. The purpose of the face mask brackets it to ensure easier breathing and lower irritation on the skin, especially during hot and humid days.

They are also designed to prevent your makeup from getting onto the mask and making it dirty too soon into use. So, the idea is surely interesting, and many people seem to agree. The sales of these so-called mask braces have surged in the last few days, despite the fact that people don’t know enough about these new mask accessories.

2. How Do Face Mask Brackets Work?

It seems that currently, all face mask brackets have the same design. They are usually made from silicone or plastic and are designed to keep the mask off the face. The face mask brackets also have a pear-like shape and are created to fit the area between the nose and the chin. The upper part of the brackets is narrow and designed to fit over your nose. The lower part has a wider bottom and fits nicely against the chin. In the area between, there are vents and parts that cover the nose and the mouth.

So, how do these brackets work? Well, it seems that they have small hooks that should secure them onto the inside of the mask. From there, the brackets should hang onto your nose and fit over your chin. This way, they create a space between the mask and your mouth/nose, to ensure easier breathing, and to keep your skin rash- and pimple-free.

more space to breath
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3. Do Face Mask Brackets Work With All Mask Types?

So far, we know that face mask brackets fit perfectly with surgical-style masks. However, it seems that people use these brackets with other types of masks. Unfortunately, there is no enough data and evidence to support the claims that these brackets fit with any type of face masks.

This is mostly due to the fact that masks, like N95 or KN95 for example, have a completely different design than surgical-style masks. So, all we can do regarding this info is just sit, wait and see how the story unfolds.

4. Are Face Mask Brackets Tested And Approved?

We have to emphasize that there is no data, research, or studies done on the face mask brackets to prove they are safe or that they improve the face mask wearing experience. So far, the CDC and the WHO haven’t issued any statements and guidelines regarding these mask accessories. However, numerous experts and infectious disease physicians seem to disapprove of the new trend.

The majority of the specialists believe that the face mask bracket won’t make a difference when it comes to face masks wearing. They also warn that these brackets could even lower the filtering efficiency of the masks. So, for now, the advice is to either not wear these things unless they’re tested and approved, or, if you’re wearing the brackets, to at least be careful.

5. Are Face Mask Brackets Safe?

As mentioned before, there is currently no available data on the safety of these face mask brackets. However, yet again the experts warn that these exact brackets can cause skin irritation themselves.

For example, instead of only silicone, the brackets also seem to be made from different types of plastic. Because of this, they could cause serious cases of skin irritation, dermatitis, etc. This can also happen if the brackets do not fit properly, so they can leave skin marks, cause rash and unnecessary friction against the skin. They could also present a potential choking hazard if used by children.

Furthermore, the majority of experts express their worries when it comes to the brackets and the way they could affect the functionality of the masks in the first place. It seems that the brackets lower the efficiency of the masks and may compromise the filtering effectiveness.

They could also allow the air to bypass the mask, making it completely useless against coronavirus, for example. Face masks need to cover the nose and the mouth completely, not create a gap in between to allow the air to come through. Face mask brackets beat the whole purpose of wearing face masks in the first place.

6. So, What Are Face Mask Brackets Good For?

According to the currently available information, it seems that the so-called mask braces are good for;

  • Lowering skin irritation
  • Lowering skin rashes and acne breakoutsEnsuring easier breathing
  • Keeping the mask clean from makeup (keeping the makeup on the face)
  • Providing face mask protection to people with eczema and dermatitis, etc.

However, you should bear in mind, before purchase, that face mask brackets are not tested nor approved by any of the leading health care organizations and agencies. Face mask brackets are not FDA, CDC, or WHO approved. So, their actual safety and effectiveness are completely questionable for now.

But, if you want to avoid skin irritation and breathing difficulties, you may want to consider using N95 or KN95 masks. They have the best tight fit around the face and the best filtering efficiency. But, even so, these masks should only be used by healthcare workers, and the general public should be using cloth masks, as recommended by the CDC and the WHO.

7. Where Can I Buy Face Mask Brackets?

Even though face mask brackets just appeared on the market, you can still buy them on Amazon and similar retailers, like Etsy. Here are some useful links you can check out;




Final Thoughts

With the rise of face mask disapproval and negative feedback from the general public, the idea of making the masks more comfortable seems to be more profitable than ever.

However, even though that face mask brackets are good in theory, there is till a lack of proof of them being as good in practice. So far, the trend doesn’t look too promising, even though the general public is thrilled. These brackets could cause more harm than good, and we should all be aware of that before buying one such mask bracket.

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