Cow Masks: Ultimate Guide And 50+ Best Ideas

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has seen face coverings become a part of daily life, with both the World Health Organisation (WHO) advising people to wear face coverings in a bid to reduce infection transmission.

You don’t have to compromise on style, effective face masks now come in a range of prints, patterns and sizes. Here is everything you need to know about cow masks and a guide on where to buy the coolest designs.

Types of Cow Mask

A cow mask can come in many different iterations. From chic cow print to quirky cartoons that will please kids, realistic photography for fans of cattle or bull skulls for face maskers on the dark side. Here are just some of the most popular types of cow mask available on the market.

Types of Cow Mask
  • Cow print can be chic and very trendy, or it can be a fun and family friendly print that everyone can wear. The black and white or brown and white pattern mimics the look of authentic cow skin.
cow skin mask 1
cow skin mask 2
cow skin mask 3
  • Cows have cute little faces that make an adorably quirky face mask. They have a unique black and white print with big eyes, long eyelashes, and pink noses. It could be a cow standing from the side, the face of a cow or one led down. Although cows are usually black and white, they can also be brown and white.
quirky cow face mask 1
quirky cow face mask 2
quirky cow face mask 3
quirky cow face mask 4
  • Do you love cows so much, you want to be one? Some cow masks will give you the appearance of having a cattle-like appearance around their nose and mouth area.
cattle-like cow mask 1
cattle-like cow mask 2
cattle-like cow mask 3
  • Highland cows are one of the cutest breeds out there. With their fluffy hair, reddish brown fur, and kooky horns, they are sure to put a smile on the face of those around you.
Highland cows mask
  • We all love cartoons; they make us and our family smile and bring out the little kid in us. Cows make the ideal cartoon with the unique print and exaggerated features.
cow cartoons mask 1
cow cartoons mask 2
cow cartoons mask 3
  • For fans of the macabre, there is the cow skull mask design. The cow skull is associated with the wild west and classic cowboys.
cow skull mask

Where to buy a cow mask

Cow masks are not uncommon, but they are not stocked in every online retailer. Whether you want something realistic, or something more cartoony, we have the right place to buy it. Inspired by cartoons, cowboys and skulls, cow masks are a versatile and fashionable mask trend.

Here are the best places to buy a cow mask online:


Etsy have every mask design you can think of, including cow masks. Handmade by independent businesses, these masks range from kitsch highland cattle prints to the classic black and white cow print. MasksbyMeganM is especially known for making cow print masks.


Redbubble give independent artists a platform to sell their creations. Amongst their large selection of masks is a range based around cows. Available from affordable prices, their selection range from the cute to the odd and the punny.


Zazzle can cover any face mask need you and your family may have. Their well fitting masks cover all your cattle design needs. From realistic to cartoony, from quotes to bold prints. You can even edit the existing design, so it perfectly fits your needs.


Spreadshirt is another platform dedicated to selling the designs of independent artists. Including in their range of masks is a selection of cow related designs. They include cute cartoon designs, cow farming quotes and realistic photos.


Amazon stock anything you could ever wish for it, this includes a range of cow mask which differ in design, color, and price. From the elegant floral cattle print to kitsch bold cartoons and elegant cow print, Amazon can get it to Prime members homes within 24 hours.

Wolf and Badger

Wolf and Badger offer a chic cow print face mask with elastic fastenings and a fixed necklace attachment. Created by Miscreant, the brand aims to offer rebellious spins on classic pieces and have been worn by the likes of Saweetie, Little Mix and Lizzo.

Grace Scott

Grace Scott

Grace Scott is a Northern Irish artist who is renowned for her pastel paintings of animals. She loves cattle and showcases her adorable designs on a range of cow masks. If you love cows, check out her phone cases, placemats and cushions which also feature cow designs.


Shein is a coin friendly brand that sells the coolest of fashions at an affordable price. You can stock up on everything you need for your wardrobe and home, including these chic cow print masks. Made from 100% polyester these 2 packs means you always have one spare.


Pixels stock a range of masks, including practical cow masks. The best thing about Pixels is that you can take existing cow mask designs and customize them to suit your needs. They also have a range of cow skull masks, some macabre, others celebrating the beauty of skulls. Click on the right mask for you and see the customization options available to you.


Not just a place to buy your groceries, Walmart also sell face masks! Amongst their family friendly and practical masks is cow print masks. They include pleated cow print masks, brown cow designs and kawaii cartoon cows.

Rainbow Accessories

Rainbow Accessories is an Italian accessories brand that sells clothing, bags, and accessories at an affordable price. One of their popular face mask designs is their blue highland cattle design in a high quality 100% cotton design.

Cafe Press

Cafe Press is offer a range of double layered, reusable cow masks with two carbon filters. Any style of cow mask you want from the cute to the naughty, can be found on the Cafe Press website.

Fine Art America

Fine Art America stock Holstein cow masks in a range of angles, design styles and shapes. The classic black and white cow masks have been designed by a community of interdependent artists. They are made from 100% polyester and contain two woven, elastic hoops. Not sure the cow mask you want? Fine Art America have a wide selection that will suit any personal taste.


Cavender’s know about cattle, the Texan cowboy brand sells boots, hats and clothing aimed at cowboys. So, it was obvious they were going to sell cow masks. With a chic cow print and a cartoon cow skull, these face coverings come with a filter and wire on the nose.

Did you know:

Cavender’s have been a clothing business since 1965.


Teepublic supports indie artists by selling their designs on high quality apparel, including masks. Their cow masks are versatile, quirky and unlike any other designs on the market. We love their moody cow puns, the adorable highland cattle cartoons and the wacky space cow prints. They also have a super cool bull skull mask.

Did you know:

For every non-medical mask sold, TeePublic will donate one medical grade mask to Direct Relief.


AliExpress is the ideal online marketplace for those looking for cow masks but are on a budget. They have a huge selection of cow masks at reasonable and often discount prices. We recommend reading the reviews first, as the quality of the items can differ depending on the seller.


Threadless is another e commerce platform that supports independent artists. Their cow pattern masks are also available in stationery, phone cases and mugs so you can celebrate your love of cow print throughout your life. They also have more eccentric cow designs for those who want a brighter face mask design.

Survival Market

Experts on survival gear, they are committed to offering high quality products from around the world at an affordable price. Their masks are more on the macabre and darker side, including their bull skull mask and come in different size. All their masks are made from soft and satiny 200 thread count 100% cotton sateen.

Cow Masks: Other Things You Should Know

What do cows symbolize?

What do cows symbolize 1

For centuries, cows have given life to humans through food and milk. Many communities around the world still treasure cow blood. In many religions, cows are seen as a direct like to the goddesses of fertility.

What do cows symbolize 2

Cows are a universal symbol of health and nourishment. This is because they product milk, which is used around the world for its dietary and vitamin benefits. This is why cows make the ideal design for a face mask during this global pandemic, where many of us out considering our health.

Did you know:

Cows in Hindu-majority countries are considered a sacred symbol in life. They roam the streets freely and take part in many holiday traditions.

Is cow print fashionable?

Is cow print fashionable 1
Is cow print fashionable 2

Cow print has been one of the coolest trends of the last three years. Seen on the likes of Meghan Markle and Kylie Jenner, cow print is one of the best accessories. Seen on nails, shoes and bags, celebs have been loving the cattle inspired trend.

The cow trend hit the mainstream when the Dojo Cat video for “Mooo!” when viral, with a cow inspired video and lyrics. For this reason, the trend of cow accessories has been brought into the world of face masks.

Cow print is not just the classic black and brown, it’s common to find cow print in lots of different shades. Asides from brown and white, cow print masks can come in pink, green or blue.

Is cow print fashionable 3
Is cow print fashionable 4

Which material should I buy my cow mask in?

Which material should I buy my cow mask in

If you want to protect yourself from COVID-19, it’s important you consider the material the mask is made from. Most websites will indicate what materials the cow masks are made from and how may layers they are.

Denim is associated with cowboys but it’s not the best material for face masks. It is difficult to breathe through, making it a bad ideal to wear on your face.

A tight 100% weave cotton is the best fabric to choose for your cow mask, if protection if the main goal. At a microscopic level, the natural fibers in cotton have a three dimensional structure, unlike synthetic fibers, which are smoother. The three dimensional structure of this material can help stop incoming particles.

Another fantastic material for a face covering is polypropylene, a derivative of plastic. It is a great physical filter as it uses the power of statistic electricity. It works in the same way as two pieces of fabric rubbing together, trapping incoming and outgoing droplets. Unlike alternative materials, polypropylene keeps its electrostatic charge in the humidity created when the wearer breathes out.

Synthetic fabrics are the least protective of materials, studies have found, but they are still better than not wearing a mask.

The tightness of the weave of the fabric is really important. Also, scientists recommend a mask with multiple layers, which is commonly how masks are now sold. Multiple layers are more effective at blocking small particles, protecting the wearer and those around them.


Research indicates the ideal mask is one made from two layers of tight weave fabric with a built in pocket where you can place a filter.

How do I choose the safest cow mask?

How do I choose the safest cow mask

It’s not just about how it looks, to protect yourself from COVID-19 you need to choose a well-fitting covering made from the best materials. It’s important to choose a cow mask that cups tightly to your face. Masks with pleats or folds are very effective because they expand so more air can flow through the fabric itself. This eliminates the leaking of air through the gaps at the side of the mask.


Add a layer of pantyhose to your mask for an improved seal. Cut a length of hose from top to bottom and pull it on top of your mask.

Some cow masks come with an exhalation valve at the front. The valve makes it easier to breathe out, but it also releases unfiltered air, meaning it does a poor job at protecting others. If you are an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19, this could be very dangerous.

If you are a glasses wearer, you should choose a cow mask that allows you to adjust the fit. Alternatively, look for a mask made with a nose clip which will help stop your glasses from steaming up. If you have facial hair, make sure you choose a mask big enough to contain all the beard.

How to wash your cow masks?

To keep your mask as clean as possible, WHO recommends washing it once a day. Most reusable fabric cow masks are made in machine washable materials, but we recommend reading the label first. If not, use soap or detergent with hot water. You should remove your filter every time, binning it before washing.

Did you know:

A hot wash of about 60c or higher should be used when washing face masks.

Masks should also be fully dry before being worn. Damp or moist fabric is a breeding ground for germs. Should your mask get damp during the day, we advise replacing it with a dry one. It’s recommended to carry a spare clean mask with you at all times. You can do this by carefully placing it in a zip locked bag.

How do I safely remove my cow mask?

How you take your cow mask off can affect the effectiveness of your mask. Some tips on safely removing it include:

  • Always wash your hands before taking it off.
  • Never touch the fabric part of the mask. Instead, use the ear loops to remove from your face.
  • When storing your mask between wears, fold it up so the section that goes against your face is inside and doesn’t touch any external areas.

Did you know:

The more times you handle your face covering without washing it or replacing it, the higher the risk you are putting yourself under.

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