How To Store And Reuse Masks

How To Store And Reuse Masks?

The demand for face masks during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. Personal protective equipment has become a must and a new normal; we all have to wear face masks to protect ourselves and others from the virus transmission. But, the demand for face masks has made them scarce or even unavailable in some parts … Read more

N95 mask

N95 Mask: 14 Things You Need To Know Before Buying

N95 respiratory face masks are considered to be probably the best currently available option for personal protective equipment against the COVID-19. The CDC, NIOSH, and OSHA, alongside the World Health organization, all recommend we wear masks as protective equipment but say that N95 masks should be reserved for the health staff and first responders. However, … Read more

Cloth Mask Vs. Surgical Mask

Cloth Mask Vs. Surgical Mask: Which Works Better For Me? 

As we’re still struggling with the pandemic of COVID-19, the need to wear a mask for protection has become a new normal. The CDC and the WHO have now declared masks as a primary safety measure (alongside handwashing and social distancing). However, with scarce research and very little explaining, people are still confused about the … Read more

Cloth Face Mask

Cloth Face Mask: 11 Things to Know Before Buying

In the past few days, the COVID-19 situation has started to worsen again, so the WHO and CDC made sure to come out with updated safety and infection prevention measures. For example, CDC now urges that everyone needs to wear a mask in public. They’ve stated that this especially applies to places where social distancing … Read more

Surgical Mask

Surgical Face Mask: 15 Things You Should Know Before Buying

Over the last few months, we’ve seen a great discussion regarding face masks and their effectiveness in the fight against COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has alone changed its face masks recommendations several times. The CDC advised at first that masks should be worn by only those who have symptoms, and then … Read more

PM 2.5 Filter Masks Everything You Need To Know

PM 2.5 Filter Masks – 11 Things You Need to Know Before Buying

Even though the air we breathe is invisible to the naked eye, it still carries allergens, germs, chemicals, smoke, bacteria, viruses, and other small particles. We breathe all of that and it can directly affect our health. That is why modern-day problems require modern-day solutions; filter masks. With the spread and development of the COVID-19 … Read more

PM 2.5 Vs N95 Vs N99

PM 2.5 Vs N95 Vs N99: What’s The Best Face Mask for Me?

Hi there, this article is here for your information to understand how well these masks can do in protecting us from COVID-19, so you could choose what fits you best. As some readers are a bit confused about the performance of ‘PM2.5 masks’, we believe it’d be better to explain specifically. Please go to Frequently … Read more