American Flag Masks

American Flag Mask: Ultimate Guide And 50+ Best Ideas

The Guide to American Flag Masks If you’re going to put your patriotism on display, there is no better way than with an American flag mask. A face mask remains a smart and necessary accessory during the current global pandemic. To stay safe in public spaces, you don’t have to compromise on style or patriotism. … Read more

Cow Masks

Cow Masks: Ultimate Guide And 50+ Best Ideas

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has seen face coverings become a part of daily life, with both the World Health Organisation (WHO) advising people to wear face coverings in a bid to reduce infection transmission. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Handmade, Reversible Masks! (@masksbymeganm) You don’t have to compromise on style, effective … Read more

Crystal Face Masks

Crystal Face Masks – Our Top Favorites (2021 Updated)

Bejeweled and rhinestone-covered face masks have become all the buzz in the fashion community in the past few months. The bling masks are all over Instagram and other social media platforms, mostly due to the incredibly stylish appearance. These masks were popularized by celebrities, such as Lana del Rey and Billie Eilish, who have started … Read more

Funny Masks

Funny Masks: Ultimate Guide And 50+ Best Ideas

Although COVID-19 rates are dropping, health officials still recommend wearing face masks whilst others still prefer to wear one in crowded places. Finding high quality and chic face masks online is easy but finding a funny mask can sometimes be a bit more difficult. From pop culture images to naughty quotes, COVID-19 puns, and beards, … Read more

Fashion Face Mask

Fashion Face Mask: 50+ Cute and Stylish Ideas

The Guide to Fashion Face Masks How to Design Your Own Fashion Face Mask If you have found yourself without a mask, or have been using the disposable ones, making your own fashionable face mask is easy and fun. More cost-effective and better for the environment, you can tailor these face masks to your own … Read more

Cat Face Masks

Cat Face Masks – Add Some Fun To Your Face Mask Game

It’s been a little more than a year since the pandemic started. From the get-go, we were required to start wearing face masks as a form of a protective measure against virus transmission. And, for the most part, that strategy has worked; wearing masks has saved thousands, even millions of lives. For starters, we were … Read more