A grassroots movement.

Masks For Heroes is working to end the global shortage of PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic by facilitating global donations to health care workers on the frontlines. 

What We're Doing

We welcome all requests from any facility -- hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, community outreach programs, hospices, paramedics, fire departments, rehabilitation centers, police officers, other front line workers,  including "silent donations" from those who aren't permitted to publicly seek donations. We've built a completely transparent database of PPE requests from facilities around the world, and opened it up to groups and individuals with supplies to donate. Through our interactive map of requests, donors can search for facilities in need, and send donations.

Through our community network we've provided resources to enable and empower the maker community, especially those who can sew handmade masks. While hand sewn masks won't protect against COVID-19, they can be used to cover used N95 masks, for non-vital patients or in some cases, as a last resort for health care workers. Unfortunately, that's where many have ended up: in need of a last resort.  

We understand that not everyone has PPE to donate or the tools to make masks. We still believe that everyone can help, and have a list of ways anyone can help within their community, including phone numbers and sample scripts to call Congress, content to share on social media and sample media pitches to send to local news.



How We Got Started

Masks for Heroes is a grassroots movement created by a mom. Becky Vieira wanted to help find PPE for some of the doctor and nurse parents in her son's preschool class. They began expressing concerns over the rapidly dwindling supply of PPE in mid-March, and she felt compelled to help them find N95 masks and supplies. What started as a panicked search for PPE turned into an organization with international reach and is now fielding hundreds of requests a day to help save the lives of the people who are in charge of saving ours. 

As a mom blogger, Becky has a small Instagram following where she began sharing requests from friends in the medical community. After posting one request to her followers to help deliver N95 masks to the front lines,  in less than a day, the response was so overwhelming that she realized she couldn't do it alone. She turned to her fellow mom bloggers and they created an Instagram page to handle the constant influx of requests. From there, it took less than 48-hours to create a website and amass a team of volunteers that includes influencers, web engineers and developers, and PR experts. Masks for Heroes was officially born.

Never doubt the power of moms when we join together to make something happen!

Becky Vieira


After spending years in the public relations field, Becky "retired" after her son was born and launched a new career as a writer. She's a postpartum depression warrior, and frequently writes on that topic -- as well as all things motherhood -- for several parenting sites. While she technically does have a Twitter account, it's fairly neglected these days... look for her on Instagram at @WittyOtter 

  • Hustler, writer, whatever needs to be done, founder

    Mom to Archie, 3, cats Poppy & Michael Finnegan (also known as second and third child), 11 months-old, and wife to Mike (technically his full name is Michael Moore -- and no, not "that" Michael Moore!)



In her free time, and when things are less serious, she likes to make herself and others laugh on Instagram as @humorandwine. Her hobbies include drinking iced coffee, lifting weights and watching reality television.

  • Overly eager crusader to find all the PPE, Research Reader, Mask Making guru who can’t sew.

  • Mommy to Teagan (7)  Britton (5), and cat clan- Boon-foon the man coon, Cubbie Fat-dub and Coffee-nita.

Jamie Younse


Jamie’s been clicking buttons in the digital marketing realm for longer than she cares to state.

  • Digital Coordinator – Digital Doer of Things and Connecting of People

  • Jamie is a PANK (Professional Aunt, No Kids) to three kooky nieces, and fur mom to the aggressively affectionate fat cat, Meow.

Michelle Dempsey-Multack


Michelle owns a marketing agency in Miami, writes a lot of words for places like Parents, Scary Mommy & Forbes, and focuses her efforts on helping women navigate divorce, co-parenting, and single motherhood through her podcast, Moms Moving On..

  • Major Mask Marketing, Boots on the SoFla Ground

  • Mom to a one Miss Isabella Dempsey (5), Stepmama to Jolie (13), and Scratchy (cat - age unknown, she literally wandered into our lives), Wife to The Honorable Spencer Jet Multack​​

Erin Cohen 


Erin owns SchiffCo PR, a Public Relations agency specializing in media relations and she can be found here. To hire her to raise brand awareness via earned media for you, your company, brand and / or campaign please email her at schiffcopr@gmail.com.

  • Media Maven Mama

  • Mom to Isabella (8) and Alexa (6) . Erin Cohen has over 20 years of public relations experience specializing in Nonprofit, Fashion, Beauty, CPG, and Celebrity driven consumer PR programs. She’s worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands including The Estée Lauder Companies, The J.M. Smucker Company, IHG Hotels and Resort and Lincoln luxury cars. Erin currently resides in Long Island, NY with her husband and two daughters.  

Nora Estrada


When Nora isn't managing social media advertising, she makes stuff on the side. Check out her one of a kind growth charts for growing kiddos and bump boards for pregnant bellies at @fromalittleacorn on Instagarm or fromalittleacorn.com (to be re-opened once Shelter in Place orders have passed). 

  • DIY Website Manager - designing away, figuring ish out, tightening the nuts and bolts, and keeping the power on. 

  • Mama to Aubrey (3) and Joaquin (1), wife to a college professor (online or bust), Grumpy (black lab) and Piper (golden retriever).

Arianna Bradford


Find out more about NYAM at wearenyam.com, or on any social media by searching the name "thenyamproject." Find out more about Arianna, her book, or other writings and speaking engagements on theariannabradford.com

  • Twitter Outreach Bawss

  • Born in New Jersey, raised in Florida, her heart belongs to Austin, TX, and she now lives in Portland, Oregon with her family. She’s an author and lead editor/writer/content creator for The NYAM Project, which focuses on reminding moms that they're still human, even after entering into parenthood. She is also mom to Miles (5) and Charlie (4).

Anne Bodenstine 


Anne started the Instagram page @mom.wine.repeat two years ago as an outlet to share the funny and difficult aspects of parenting. She never dreamed it would grow as it has or that she would have received such tremendous support from strangers when sharing honest and challenging experiences raising her son with borderline autism. She created the website www.momwinerepeat.com as a blog to further share stories about her son,  as well as the stories or others, since writing has been such a cathartic experience for her.

  • Pinterest Point Person - A plethora of resources, tips and tricks to survive quarantine and help our health heroes. 

  • Mom to two boys (4 and 6), newfound teacher (to both), occupational therapist, speech therapist and behavior therapist to her 4 yo who has Sensory Processing Disorder and a significant speech delay. Anne is also a Pediatric Physical Therapist – with her own very small private practice where she sees clients in their homes (not currently practicing due to covid-19). She has worked in three large Children’s Hospitals in the intensive care and oncology units for nearly 10 years, so this cause is near and dear to her heart. 

Instagram Mommy-Blogger Team

Gila Pfeffer


Renee Niemann


Kendra Walker


Sarah Cottrell




Alexandra Fisher


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DISCLAIMER: The aim of this website is to connect medical staff in need of personal protective equipment (“PPE”) with the general public or government agencies who can provide these items. We do not stock nor do we have access to any PPE of any kind. We do not verify or check the quality of the PPE because it is sent directly from the general public to the requesting medical provider. We do not accept any monetary donations.